The National Front-backed candidate, Marine Le Pen, argues that Macron is the harbinger of “wild globalization.” If elected, she guarantees that she will negotiate with the EU and call a referendum.


There’s a new Marine Le Pen since Sunday’s election. The National Front candidate, who has always been a convinced anti-European, said last Tuesday in an interview with TF1 that she is not “an enemy of Europe” and that she feels “European”.

I am not an adversary of Europe, I feel European. I wish there were free agreements between nations, it is this Europe that I want to see emerge and I would like France to be the source of this beautiful project, this good initiative. “

Le Pen added that if elected, it will enter into “negotiations” with Brussels for France to regain sovereignty and abandon the euro. Thereafter you will submit the outcome of these negotiations to a “referendum.”

Le Pen defends the existence of “voluntary agreements between the nations” and that is the model of Europe that wants to “see to arise”. It also wants France, led by itself, to be the engine “of this great project, of this beautiful initiative. “The candidate also believes that she had much more than the protest vote in the first round of presidential elections, since this type of vote” would not be sufficient to pass the second round. ” “The people who voted for me was my proposal,” she said.

Le Pen even goes so far as to say that he is not “on the left or on the right” and says that his opponent, Emmanuel Macron, is the harbinger of “wild globalization.” Le Pen tried again to blur The party liaison: “I am not the candidate of the National Front, I am the candidate supported by the National Front”.

On international relations, especially with the United States and Russia (Le Pen met with Russian President Vladimir Putin recently), the far-right candidate does not want to see the country “go out”.

The only question I will ask myself is what is good for France and for the French. What is unbearable is the feeling that it is the United States that decides and France goes behind. “




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