From a wide selection of stickers, Allo allows users to delete messages individually.

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Google is getting closer to launching the Allo, the new messaging application for which has hopes of shortening distance with other apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.

The ambitions are not small but for that Google wants to equip the Allo with all kinds of features and interesting ways to communicate, including sexually suggestive stickers.

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The Android Police had the opportunity to experience the Allo and published pictures of some of the stickers that will be available to users. Among them are references to twerking, condoms and even to send suggestive photos between users.

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In addition to these stickers, users will also have the ability to delete individual messages, a possibility that is missing from the current technology of Mountain View messaging app, the Hangouts.

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Google recently launched the Duo, a new application video call, It is expected to Allo not delay coming to shop Play Store.

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