The tradition was maintained and the ‘apple company’ virtual store had revenues in the order of billions of euros.

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Apple’s online store, the App Store, posted record revenue last December, with the apple company reporting that it has reached $ 3 billion, or 2.8 billion euros. Value is a combination of paid apps, in-app purchases, fees, and subscriptions through the virtual store.

The Verge remembers that this is the first update on the performance of the virtual store given by Apple since June 2016. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Phil Schiller said that the App Store now has 2.2 million Of applications, and in 2016 developers were paid with the equivalent of 18 billion euros.

Further data were released as part of this report, namely that Pokémon Go was the most downloaded application in 2016, also occupying the fifth place in the list of the most profitable of the App Store.

It is also interesting to see the 90% growth of the App Store in China compared to the previous year. While the US is still Apple’s largest market, it explains the growing bet of CEO Tim Cook and his team in the area.


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