CEO Reed Hastings pointed Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat as the main rivals of the streaming service.

© Reuters
© Reuters

Since the Netflix streaming service could be inclined to point out similar services (Amazon Prime or Hulu, for example) as the main rivals. CEO Reed Hastings has, however, a different view and points out that the real competition is on Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.

“The competition that we fear is the replacement, when people are spending time on Snapchat, on Facebook or YouTube videos or any other application that is not yet invented. The human entertainment will go to something new. The ultimate challenge for us is that it is this new form of entertainment? “Said Hastings in a conversation with The Wall Street Journal.

The leader also said that Netflix provides that the film and television become niche entertainment – a bit like the books and the opera – which will force the companies in this area to look for new ways to attract the attention of consumers.



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