Lions also feel fear

Seeing a fleeing lion is a rare sight, but in the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya, anything can happen. When a lion tried to get close to a buffalo, on a quiet morning in the reserve, a herd of those animals reacted and protected the young man. And he pursued the lion.

Caught by the buffaloes and with no apparent place to hide, the lion chose to climb a tree. “The lion feared for his life and the buffalo circled under him, sniffing him. They did not want to let him get away, “explains Charles Comyn, a Briton who photographed the scene.

A few seconds after climbing the tree, the lion began to get tired and fall. When it seemed that the buffaloes had won him out of fatigue, the lion managed to leap and flee miraculously.

“It was an incredible moment. The lion could not stay much longer up there – we could see that he was almost doomed, so he made one last attempt to flee, “Comyn explained.

“Then the buffaloes continued their morning meal. Only then did we realize that they had a baby among them and that they were protecting her from the lion. ”


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