The educational site of the space agency sought to show that astrology is not considered science.

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NASA finally answered a controversy that has developed between the followers of astrology, due to a publication in its educational site The Space Place that noted inaccuracies in the Babylonian calendar which are at the origin of the zodiac signs.

The article in question was published in January but was only discovered last week, leading to doubts among those who consult your horoscope if you continue to have or not the same sign.

“We have not changed the signs of the Zodiac, just did the calculations. The article in The SpacePlace was about the fact that astrology is not astronomy in was like an old story of a relic and pointed to science and math that came from observations of his nocturne, “clarified a representative of NASA Dwayne Brown, Gizmodo .

The new calculations NASA refer to a change in the Earth’s axis, which made the position of the constellations changed the Earth’s perspective. NASA departs so any liability related to the allocation of zodiac signs, with Brown claimed that the space agency “studying astronomy, not astrology.”



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