Mysterious Myanmar

Known for several decades by Burma and now by Myanmar, this Asian nation has some of the most breathtaking scenery on the continent and one of the richest cultures and histories: there are over 2,000 temples, many of them with relics of enormous historical significance.

Photographer Andrei Duman traveled through the country and explored it to the guts, from the forgotten ruins to the environment and highly preserved ecosystems, also fruit of the slow economic growth of the country.

Duman’s photographs show a mysterious country, little known and almost bewitched. According to the photographer, the beauty and tranquility of Myanmar were astonishing, with temples rising from nowhere, behind the fog, and golden buildings illuminated by the first rays of morning sun.

The Mingun temple was one of the monuments that Duman did not want to miss – and was not disappointed when he arrived there. “The temple was within easy reach of a long plane trip and a morning boat trip. The timing of my photography was important to have the right lighting on one side of the temple, “the photographer explained.

“By chance, some monks were coming from the market and I got a golden opportunity to make photography more authentic,” concluded.


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