Mo Amer is currently touring several countries with his comedy show.

© Instagram Mo Amer
© Instagram Mo Amer

It is not every day that a comedian gets material as good to work as it did to Mo Amer. This Muslim comedian ‘won the day’ when on a flight bound for Scotland, had as his traveling companion Eric Trump, one of the sons of Donald Trump.

“Sometimes God sends us good material to work with,” wrote the comedian on Instagram, where he did not hesitate to share a photograph with one of the Trump family members.

“Good news for Muslim men, they will not have to check in or show their identity card,” he added.

During the flight, Amer said he had an opportunity to talk about various issues with Eric, especially about the recent elected President of the United States of America and the fact that he is defending a proposal for a different registration in the country for all those who are Muslims or Immigrants from countries largely composed of this religion.

In an interview given to Buzzfeed about the meeting, he assured me that Trump’s response was this: “Come on. You can not believe everything you read. Do you really think we’re going to do this? ”




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