The deadly attack alleged dog pit bull breed a resident of Ponte-aux-Trembles led the city council to take drastic measures against this breed.


The City Council of Montreal, Canada declared war on pitbull dogs and prohibit the adoption of new animals of that breed in the city, creating a municipal law that is already in the Supreme Court of Quebec.

The deadly attack took place last June. Alleged dog pitbull breed attacked Christiane Vandnais. A resident of Ponte-aux-Trembles, who was in his yard, led the Montreal City Council to take drastic measures against this race.

“It was not the first case of its kind involving pitbull dogs. It was a situation that prompted the community, not only in Montreal but also from all over Quebec,” said Manuel Guedes, Luso-Canadian councilor, 49.

The dog was initially identified as the pit bull breed, but the Montreal Police have not yet determined the race.

The mayor of Pointe-aux-Prairies, the electoral district of Rivieres-des-Prairies / Pointe-aux-Trembles, in the extreme east of the island of Montreal, explained that “it was not an immediate decision,” because they had to study several hypotheses to “safeguard and protect the community.”

On 27 September, the City Council passed a law with 37 votes in favor and 23 against, which prohibits the adoption of dogs of that breed and that limits the existing pit in the 19 constituencies of Montreal.

Owners of dogs and cats are required to register the animals for the license, which will have a rate of 150 Canadian dollars (102 euros).

Until December 5, 2019, pet must have a microchip. Another of the measures announced is the slaughter of animals that attack someone dead.

Other rules include that the dog will have to be gagged with respective ‘muzzle’, with collar and leash, which will have a maximum of one meter and fifteen centimeters in compliance, and can only “free to roam in a park for animals.”

In homes, have yet to have a fence with a minimum of two meters high and the animal collar must be a reference to the dog breed.

The legislation came into force on October 3, but the protection of Society for Animal Cruelty (SPCA) of Montreal filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Quebec, which suspended some parts of municipal law, including a ban on the adoption of race pitbull and a requirement for dogs circulate in public with the muzzle.

On 20 October, the court authorized the Montreal City Hall to appeal the decision, those arguments will be presented on 25 November.

The lawyer for the SPCA of Montreal Sophie Gaillard told Lusa that that animal welfare institution opposes any law that “based on race or physical appearance of the dogs.”

“There are no aggressive breeds of dogs. What can cause aggressive behavior is if the animal is not sterilized, if mistreated, suffer abuse or neglect, or else is trained with aggressive techniques to do so,” he said.

The Protection Society for Animal Cruelty annually receives 15,000 animals for adoption, with two thousand dogs.

“With the ban on the adoption of pitbull dogs, we do not have much room in our center, and we have to euthanize healthy dogs because not can give up for adoption. The law may affect 300 to 700 dogs a year who come to our center,” he lamented .

This municipal legislation has generated much controversy, not only in Canada. The singer Cyndi Lauper criticized the law through his Facebook social network page.

“It’s a sad day and an unfair municipal law. It is not the dog, but who trains them and often mistreats him”, said Cyndi Lauper.

The singer called the signing of the online petition “My Montreal includes all Dogs’ (My Montreal includes all types of dogs),” which already has more than 345,000 signatures.

However, a survey prepared by Forum Research for the Montreal Gazette newspaper, shows that 49% of city residents agree with the ban on pit bull race, against 44% who disagree. In June, another research, L├ęger, revealed that 70% of the population in the area of the city was in favor of the ban.


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