Some paramilitary groups are monitoring polling stations to prevent fraud that the Republican has denounced.

Members of the Oath Keepers in a training session | REUTERS / JIM URQUHART
Members of the Oath Keepers in a training session | REUTERS / JIM URQUHART

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential Tuesday, Chris Hill and the members of the Three Percent Security Force promise an armed march on the streets of Washington.

In the Georgia militia initiative joins another anti-government paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, which aims to have members at the polling stations to prevent fraud that Republican Donald Trump has been denouncing. With the polls to give the two candidates virtually tied, growing fears of violence between armed guards and supporters of the former first lady or clashes with the authorities.

The Trump own campaign has since August been asking for volunteers to act as “observers” on election day. “Help me to prevent” Hillary Corrupt “to steal this election,” he asked.

But we are not talking about a common volunteer. These are armed men, many of them former police or military in reserve. And to have a code name for the monitoring mission in polling stations: Operation Tamanco 2016. The approximately 30,000 members of the Oath Keepers were instructed to mingle with voters and try to piece together evidence that there was fraud. In a message that the Guardian had access, Stewart Rhodes, one of the group leaders, explains that to do so, his men may have to “use a Bob Marley T-shirt with a marijuana leaf, the symbol of peace or Che Guevara’s face. ” The instructions also included the recommendation not to carry arms openly.

Chris Hill, the founder of Three Percent Security Force (so called because its members believe that only 3% of the US population fought in the War of Independence against the British), also ensures that his men will never fire the first shot. But states are prepared to defend themselves.

One of the great fears of the various paramilitary groups on the right and neo-Nazi is that Hillary Clinton, to win the White House, hurry to make more restrictive gun possession law. “Eight years of Obama were bad, but the hunt weapons will get much worse if Hillary is elected,” assured Chris Hill to the New York Times. Dressed in a camouflage and gun Smith & Wesson .40 caliber waist, this blond bearded man that goes by the code name Agent Blood (blood agent) believes that Trump is even able to make America great again, as stated his campaign slogan. An America that Hill imagine how a place where abortion is illegal, there is Christianity classes in schools and immigrants do not come “stealing jobs” to the Americans.

With elections coming, Trump has the support of a large majority of voters this deep south, where a white population, rural and middle class review in your message. With its incendiary rhetoric, the Republican has given new legitimacy to some ideas of these armed groups that defend the right to question the laws. After all, in recent months, the Republican vowed to expel 11 million US illegal, ban the entry of Muslims in the country and build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent the entry of immigrants. And even it came to boast that “even if this shot someone in full Fifth Avenue,” his supporters would not fail to vote for him. “Before this campaign, these ideas were relegated to a fringe of American politics. Now were legitimized,” he told Reuters Ryan Lenz, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The defense of violence came even in mainstream politics. “If Trump lose, I will hold in my musket,” he wrote on Twitter Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois last week. Around the same time, the conservative commentator Wayne Root confessed a Trump rally in Nevada have dreamed to see Hillary Clinton dead. In Republican presentation, Root said to the crowd that listened to “Warriors Trump” involved “in a popular revolution.” And in case of victory of the former first lady he promised that “middle-class Americans, Christians, gun owners, small business owners, veterans and taxpayers,” will take the capital with “forks, jackhammers and torches.”

With the states of deep America painted Republican red on the map of the vote, Trump focuses this weekend in so-called swing states – states that oscillate between the right and the left, eventually define who wins the presidential elections. After Pennsylvania on Friday night, yesterday the millionaire was in Florida, trying to win over some of the Hispanic vote that eludes him largely. Hillary Clinton is also on the road. The Democratic candidate had to multiply the campaign actions when polls began to show the leadership that closed a few weeks ago to have vanished in recent days. Especially in states such as Ohio, who came to lean toward the Democratic blue, but is now increasingly reddish orange.




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