Monsters need friends

Roni Hendrawan is an Indonesian freelance teacher and photographer with the patience – and photographic equipment – enough to do close-ups of microscopic insects, turning them into fearsome monsters to our eyes.

Over the years, Hendrawan has photographed wasps, flies, damsels and beetles, revealing their symmetrical lines and detailing the curves normally invisible to the human eye.

“I find these insects just after sunrise or even before it sets, when they are calm and sleepy,” confirmed Roni. “I zoom in up to 18 millimeters from the insects. The lens is close enough to get the pixels of your eyes, “continued.

According to him, it took four long years to perfect this photographic technique that reveals the biological details of such small animals. “In the end I’m always surprised to realize that I got all the details of each new photo,” concluded.



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