US President Donald Trump insisted today that Mexico has “seized” the United States with “huge trade deficits” and its “little border help”, in full bilateral tension for the construction of a wall at the common border.

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“Mexico has taken advantage of the US for too long. Huge trade deficits and little help at the very weak border, that should change, NOW,” Trump wrote on Twitter’s personal social networking account, his favorite message platform.

These new statements come a day after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has decided to cancel his meeting with Trump, who continues to press for the neighbor to pay the bill for the cost of the physical barrier he intends to erect.

The President of Mexico has already assured that his country will not pay the wall, a position that implied the annulment of the meeting between the two presidents scheduled for January 31 in Washington.

The 3,000-kilometer wall that Donald Trump ordered to be built immediately along the border with Mexico outweighs the amount calculated during his election campaign ($ 8 billion, $ 7.4 billion). The real cost, according to the Republican administration, amounts to $ 12 billion to $ 15 billion ($ 11 billion to $ 14 billion). An initial budget will be paid by US taxpayers, and the rest will depend on Congress.

On Thursday, Trump compared the wall he intends to build to what Israel has erected to separate the Palestinian territories to avoid terrorist attacks.

The US President assured that the Israeli wall holds “99.9%” of unauthorized passages, and that this is his goal for the barrier with Mexico.

Still on Thursday, Mexican diplomatic boss Luis Videgaray, who was visiting the US federal capital, reiterated that paying the wall and something that his country can not accept for “dignity.”

The controversy took on a new dimension when White House spokesman Sean Spicer suggested imposing a new 20% duty on imports from Mexico as a possibility to finance construction.

In a press conference at the Mexican embassy in Washington, Videgaray pointed out that “a tax on imports of Mexican products by the United States is not the way to make Mexico pay the wall, but rather the American consumer who would pay more expensive The avocado pear, the washing machines, the televisions. “


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