Chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected with 89.5% of the vote

© Reuters
© Reuters

The congress of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU, center-right) re-elected the current German chancellor with 89.5% of the votes.

Angela Merkel was re-elected leader of the German CDU this afternoon after admitting that this would be a “harder” election than any in which she participated.

At the previous congress, in 2014, the German chancellor obtained 96.7% of the votes, which shows a slight fall in relation to the choice of the congressmen of this year.

The vote came after a speech in which the chancellor criticized the populist parties for exploiting the fear associated with hosting thousands of refugees but promised to reduce the flow of arrivals and impose rules to ensure the integration of migrants into German society, The prohibition of the full veil.

Germany has welcomed 890,000 refugees by 2015 and, although the number of entries has dropped significantly since then, this “open door policy” has withdrawn its support among the conservatives and has benefited the populist and xenophobic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Which went from less than 5% of votes in the last elections to 12% of voting intentions in the polls.

In her speech, Merkel warned that the 2017 elections will be “the most difficult” in which she participated, considering that the country is divided, and urged the Germans “to distrust the easy answers.”




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