The two most important men in the United States, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, have already completed the first power-transition meeting. Obama wants Trump to be “successful” and the Republican has been honored to have met the still-President of the United States

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© Reuters

Following the White House meeting, Barack Obama reiterated his “number one priority” – “to facilitate a transition that will ensure our President-elect is successful.”

“We are encouraged by the interest in the newly elected President’s willingness to collaborate with my team around the many issues that this great country faces,” said the current President, underscoring the importance of “working together” irrespective of parties and preferences Policies of each.

“And in the meantime, Michelle has had the opportunity to welcome the first lady into the White House. The conversation between them was excellent and we want to make sure they are welcome,” Obama said. In short, it was an “excellent” meeting, where the two had a “comprehensive” talk, President’s word.

Turning to Donald Trump, Obama said, “I want to emphasize, Mr. President-elect, that we will do everything to make it successful.”

Donald Trump replied by thanking him. “Thank you, President Obama, it was a meeting to meet each other, we had never met, the meeting lasted for an hour and a half, and it could have lasted a lot longer, we discussed a lot of different situations, some difficulties too, and I look forward to working with the President in the future. And counting on his advice. He explained to me some of the difficulties, some of the biggest problems some of the big hits. ”

The 45th President-elect ended by stating to Obama that “it was an honor” to meet with him, again stressing that he “looks forward to the opportunity” to work in the future.


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