A group of researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is to study the moon of Mars, Phobos. The aim is to analyze the detail a crater formed by the collision of an asteroid and then draw useful lessons for the defense of our planet.

Stickney Crater, located on Phobos, a moon of Mars, is the center of this research. With a five-kilometer diameter, it is assumed that this huge depression was the result of the impact of an object with about 250 kilometers in diameter traveling at a six kilometers per second.

Interested in understanding the effect of the impact of what is supposed to have been an asteroid on the surface of Phobos, scientists submit that “something as big and fast as what caused the Stickney crater would have a devastating effect on Earth.”

Understanding how and when is, therefore, an important way to get more knowledge about these phenomena, so disturbing.

In the center of US federal research Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, all efforts are being made to speed up the know-how that allows implement potentially dangerous asteroids against defense systems for our planet, diverting them in time to avoid a catastrophe.


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