Salman Adebi is the name of the man who spread terror in Manchester.

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The man who blew himself up in the terrorist attack last Monday in Manchester will be friends with one of the biggest recruiters in the Islamic state, responsible for bringing hundreds of people to Syria, the Mirror said.

According to the same British newspaper, Adebi was a friend of the Hostey family, a fanatic of the Islamic state whose mission was to bring the British to fight in Syria.

The person responsible for the attack knew people who had gone to school with him and who had just traveled to Syria, where they enlisted in the Islamic State.

It is believed that Hostey was the man who could radicalize Abedi, who led a normal life in the United Kingdom, and from one moment to the next, began to change his attitude.

In addition to having an Iraqi flag at home, Adedi gave up the course, grew a beard and was seen praying in the street.

This man launched terror in the city of Manchester and once again left Europe on alert.


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