People in the US state of Maine voted in a referendum to legalize marijuana for recreational use on their territory, according to final results released today

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The state of Colorado was the first to legalize the marijuana trade for recreational use in 2012, followed by Oregon, Washington State and Alaska, as well as the federal capital, Washington DC.

On November 8, on the day of the presidential election of controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump as a White House tenant for the next four years, nine states voted in a referendum to legalize that drug for recreational or therapeutic use.

One of them, Florida, approved its use for medicinal purposes, while California ruled for the decriminalization of its recreational consumption, as well as Nevada and Massachusetts. For its part, Arizona rejected a similar proposal.

Today, Maine has become the eighth state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana (therapeutic use was already allowed by law).

Those over the age of 21 will now be allowed to consume up to 42.5 grams of marijuana, and may open state-of-the-art drugstore retail stores as well as social clubs where they can be consumed.

The proposal approved in Maine allows the inhabitants to cultivate, distribute and sell marijuana and its products. The light drug should be taxed at 10% and subject to local restrictions.


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