The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced today that it has asked the Supreme Court to draw up a decree to lift the immunity of all public officials and deputies if any situations of violence in Caracas.


“I asked the jurists who, under the Economic Emergency Decree (effective since January 2016), prepare me a decree to lift the immunity of all public positions, starting with the deputies, if necessary,” he said during a board of ministers.

The announcement comes as the Venezuelan opposition is planning to hold, even today, a concentration he called “taking Caracas” to require the activation of a recall referendum of the mandate of the Head of State, whose start is scheduled for 8:00 local.

“Parliamentary immunity was not created to violate the Constitution, to commit crimes, to raise money to pay for criminals, it is not to go to Washington and ask for an intervention (in the country’s internal affairs). So I asked a figure review of immunity, “said Nicol├ís Maduro.

The head of state accused the opposition of wanting to foment violence in Caracas and said the security agencies are investigating several suspected of involvement in alleged destabilization plans.

“I activated a preventive plan of peace and justice. We captured several ringleaders plans to place bombs (…), criminals paid by them (opponents),” he said.

The head of state also said that “we are seeking, with the Bolivarian Intelligence Service and other security agencies, two other important ringleaders” he said.

Nicolas Maduro also announced that it will create a national commission on national and international legal experts to proceed with a criminal case against the President of the National Assembly, the opponent Henry Ramos Allup, for a campaign against Venezuelan institutions.


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