Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned world leaders in the Movement summit of Non-Aligned (NAM) in Venezuela that his country is the target of a US economic war aimed to overthrow him.

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Speaking at the same summit, which began on Saturday, the biggest regional ally Maduro, the Cuban President, Raul Castro, he repeated the charge, despite the resumption of relations between Cuba and the United States.

“Venezuela is the target of an attack (…) which is against all of Latin America and the Caribbean, which is trying to re-impose and re-colonize the politics, economics, culture and life of our countries,” he said ripe, after taking for three years the rotating presidency of NAM until now Iran.

The Venezuelan head of state hopes to “seize this historic summit and the chairmanship of NAM to continue to denounce this pro-imperialist right, kneeling before the interests of the empire (the United States),” he had stated Maduro before the summit, accusing the opposition Venezuela to foment a coup in the country supported by Washington.

As distrust of the United States an aggregator element of the MNA, the Venezuelan president took to collect aid, particularly in hostile speeches to the White House, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and North Korea.

However, these supports do not hide the fact that Venezuela is increasingly isolated in the international arena, including in their own region.

This week, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, founding countries of Mercosur Caracas withdrew the rotating presidency of the South American common market, preferring to take it together.

Venezuela is accused of having ratified a limited number of legal rules of Mercosur since it joined the bloc in 2012.

In response, Caracas rejected that decision and states that continues to chair the organization, founded in 1991.


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