In an interview published this Thursday in the newspaper Ouest France, Emmanuel Macron spoke of the “most important solidarity mechanisms for the future” that pass through a eurozone “budget”.

Emmanuel Macron made notices to Germany

The French president considered that Germany “must change” to correct “euro zone dysfunctionalities” and give it “the destiny it deserves,” in an interview published on Thursday, a few hours from the Franco-German council of ministers.

“It should change, just as France must change,” Emmanuel Macron stressed in an interview with the newspaper Ouest France and the German newspaper group Funke. For Macron, who presides this morning at the Elysee’s 19th Franco-German Council of Ministers with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin “must accompany a resurgence of public and private investment in Europe.”

“Germany has reformed formidably, it has a solid economy, but there are demographic fragilities, economic and trade imbalances with its neighbors,” he said.

The shared responsibilities should give the eurozone the destination it deserves, “he said.

“A part of German competitiveness is due to the dysfunctionalities of the euro zone, to the weakness of other economies,” the French president said.

Countries “already in debt are even more indebted” and “those who are competitive are even more competitive,” he said.

Germany has “made reforms”, but “benefits also from the dysfunctionalities of the euro zone”, a “situation (which) is not healthy because it is not lasting”.

Emmanuel Macron also spoke of the “most important solidarity mechanisms for the future” that pass through a eurozone “budget”, “a government that decides to allocate this budget and democratic control that does not exist today.”

In terms of defense, the French President said that although “Germany does not have the same operational intervention capabilities” as France, “it can support the European effort.”


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