The desert sun feeds this eco-resort

Luxury hotel and residential complexes are probably the ones most likely to invest in facilities and features linked to sustainable construction – if that is to say openly and objectively.

In fact, it is they who can more easily encourage other projects to follow this path, which inevitably leads us to saving not only the natural resources of this planet but also our portfolio.

This is the case of this eco-resort designed by Baharash Architecture for a client from the south of the United Arab Emirates. The complex is 100% solar powered and has several features that help you keep the line between home and nature very fine.

The interior of the houses has all the luxurious amenities of the modern world – equipped kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The spacious kitchen has an interior garden and table seating for eight. The large glass window limits the barrier between the kitchen and the other rooms, also offering a stunning landscape from the outside.

In the living room, the windows – which go from ceiling to floor – are removable, allowing cooler air to enter the house at night. In the center was also placed a fireplace, a homage to the Bedouin translation.

All homes are 100% powered by the desert sun, with energy being stored in multiple batteries. The houses were constructed from pre-fabricated sections, assembled locally and insulated through cement panels.



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