No one believed in Wanda Witter when the woman said she had money to receive.


Wanda Witter a homeless woman in Washington, United States, said for 16 years had to receive a social security check in the amount of 88,000 euros, but no one believed.

Account the Independent that the woman lived for more than a decade at a McDonalds restaurant with three suitcases containing all his possessions. “Everyone thought I was crazy and kept telling me to get rid of my bags,” said Wanda.

But with the help of a social worker and a lawyer, the homeless could finally change his life and now has his own apartment.

It all started when Wanda lost his job as a driver and had to change city to live.

After an error with the Social Security checks, Wanda rejected them and said the institution was wrong in the accounts he was doing. When ran out of money, he had to move to a shelter.


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