The drama of who is next to the drama of fleeing. Sudanese artist recalls Aylan Kurdi after shooting a wounded Syrian boy running the world.

The first came in September 2015 and made the world wake up to the plight of refugees fleeing (and continue to flee) conflict zones. A year later, a new picture of a Syrian boy shocks the world.

Omran Daqneesh is the face that portrays the brutality of war in Syria. The image that has been widely disseminated by the media around the world was captured moments after an aerial bombing in Aleppo.

Covered in blood and dust, the Syrian boy waits, sitting in an ambulance, be assisted by the medical teams. No tears, his blank gaze conveys just panic and disorientation.

An artist Sudanese living in Doha, Qatar, has created an illustration based on the story of two children who, like thousands of other residents in Syria, live a daily drama. Stay or go is the choice that every day that passes, they have to take.

‘The choices of children Syrian’ is the name of the illustration of Khalid Albaih that puts Omran Daqneesh alongside Aylan Kurdi.

“The image depicts two scenes from different time periods, but the same war and struggle of the Syrian people and war refugees around the world,” explained the artist to CNN, the father of children who “might be in the same situation.”



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