The office of the governor of the Turkish province of Gaziantep, Ali Yerlikaya, announced on Sunday that the number of deaths caused by the bombing at a wedding near the Syrian border rose to 50, with the presidency to blame the Islamic State.

In a statement, the cabinet Yerlikaya stated that “the number of the dead in terrorist attacks is at this time, 50”, raising the previous balance that realized 30 deaths and 94 injured.

“We condemn the traitors who organized and carried out this attack,” said the governor of the province in an earlier statement, adding that those responsible will be “brought to justice”.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the attack was probably carried out by the Islamic State, adding, quoted by Al-Jazeera that Turkey has a message for the attackers: “They will not be successful.”

Mehmet Erdogan, Deputy Justice and Development Party  (AKP, Islamic and conservative, in power) said it was not clear who was the author of the attack, but there was a “high possibility” it is a suicide attack.


The deputy added that it was the kind of attack that could have been perpetrated by the terrorist group Islamic State or the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The explosion occurred in Sahinbey district with a high number of Kurdish residents. According to information cited by AFP, marriage had a strong Kurdish presence.


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