At least 17 000 firemen fought, on Friday, 30 major fires that burned dozens of hectares of forest and destroyed hundreds of buildings in many US states, particularly California.

Only on Thursday, 31 fires have ravaged 162,000 hectares in 10 states, including seven in California and six in Idaho, according to the page of the NIFC.

In California, the fire in Blue Cut in the mountains of National Forest Los Angeles and in the hills of San Bernardino, a hundred kilometers from Los Angeles, destroyed 15 000 hectares of vegetation in three days.

The fire forced the withdrawal of 82,500 people, destroyed 96 homes and 213 buildings, including the famous Summit Inn, a motel restaurant 50s where Elvis Presley was a client.


The authorities estimate that 34,500 buildings were threatened by the flames.

There are no reports of casualties, but sniffer dogs are working with firefighters to detect any dead bodies in the burned structures.

Further north in California, other fires consumed forests in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and the tourist area of Big Sur, where the fire burned 32,400 hectares.

At least a thousand houses were destroyed and seven people lost their lives since the beginning of the year because of fires.


Despite an increase in the intensity of fires in the United States in recent weeks, the time of the fires is being, so far, less destructive in recent years.

In the same period 2015, they had burned in the United States 3 million hectares of forests, against the 1.6 million registered this year.


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