Some ideas are simple, but few people remember to put them into practice.

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The FBI director James Comey, advised this week, users of the internet to cover video cameras laptop computers to prevent hackers from gaining access to your intimacy.

However, this is not the only solution that can be adopted to keep computers and safety in privacy.

The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial listed five simple tasks that will help keep hackers away from your computer.

Downloaded only from official sites

This advice applies to both computers and for mobile phones. “You can end up suffering an attack ‘ransomware’ in which your data is stolen and then be asked a ransom for them. There is also the risk of her stolen bank data which allows hackers to access their accounts, “said the newspaper David Barroso, a security expert on the internet.

Always suspicious

Often users are taken to open an email with dangerous content, to open a malicious link or give personal information. These actions turn out to be problematic.

Update software

Software updates, is an operating system or a program, they are always added value because they include new ways to prevent hacker attacks.

Leave fewer clues

It is impossible to trace on the Internet, but you can decrease it, which makes life difficult for hackers. For example, you can browse the internet in incognito tab, which makes your computer much less vulnerable to attack or even unwanted advertising.

Take advantage of the dual authentication

There are social networks and online services that ask for a double authentication. This is in addition to the password also ask for an access code that is sent to the user’s mobile phone. Thus even if the hacker try not invade your personal account can do, since they do not have access to the code sent to the mobile phone and without which you can not access your data.




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