France’s Marine Le Pen, a leader of the far-right National Front party, said today that Donald Trump’s victory in the United States increases his chances of a good result in next year’s French presidential election.

© Reuters
© Reuters

Trump “has made possible what until now seemed impossible,” Le Pen said in an interview with the BBC television channel, adding that it was “a victory of the people against the elites” and that it is possible to repeat the feat in France.

Trump’s election of the Republican Party for President of the United States “is an additional stone in building a new world, designed to replace the old world,” Le Pen, quoted by the Spanish news agency EFE, as saying.

When British public television announced this interview with French politics there was a chorus of protests in the UK, with many citizens dissatisfied with the fact that this broadcast coincided with the so-called “Sunday of Remembrance”, dedicated to honoring the British soldiers killed in the world wars .


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