The vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, reveals how it was when he was 26 years old and the internet is delighted.

© Joe Biden / Instagram
© Joe Biden / Instagram

After the elections sparked the creativity of Internet users who created several post-election memes, US Vice President Joe Biden has been gaining popularity in the country.

A photograph, shared by the politician on his Instagram, showing himself to the world as he was at age 26, is making the internet sigh.

The image was originally shared in 2014, but was once again a subject in recent days, having been widely shared and commented on in social networks.

It’s because? Everything is due to the beauty that Biden presented in full youth. The comments, these, reflect the opinion that Americans (especially Americans) have about the physicist of the politician a good few years ago.

“I’d like to send messages to young Joe Biden at 1:27 a.m.,” reads Twitter, where many replicate the picture. “Jor Biden is the wallpaper of our house,” is yet another of the rave reviews that elevate the 73-year-old politician to the category of sex symbol.



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