King Arthur’s Cave

The Miller Kendrick architecture studio is headquartered in London and is dedicated to new methods of sustainable, low-cost construction. One of his most recent projects was Arthur’s Cave, a project inspired by the legend of King Arthur, which the company took to the competition at the Wales’ Year of Legends 2017 festival. Designers from around the world were invited to build mini-hotels pop-up as part of an initiative to boost tourism in Wales. And “Arthur’s Cave” was one of the winning projects.

Name and design have sought inspiration from the ancient legends of Wales (the king and his knights are said to have sought refuge in a small cave in the Castell y Bere area, where this ‘mobile bedroom’ has been temporarily installed), but uses techniques Modern construction. The structure is a combination of plywood and cladding panels, which act together to form a composite structure. Inside, this plywood works like structure, finish, and even in fittings, including a sink and plywood tub. The faceted exterior is in turn lined with Welsh larch pine plaques dyed black, insulated with sheep wool. All local raw materials. As a heating system, the cabin uses a small wood stove. The LED lighting is powered by photovoltaic power and has a self-composting toilet.

The “Arthur’s Cave” accommodates up to two people and reservations can be made on the Epic Retreats website.



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