The beautiful Ali Barbour

The Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant in Diani Beach, Kenya is not just any restaurant. Set in a cave that will be at least 180,000 years old, it has several rooms in a space ten meters from the ground.

The space, converted as a restaurant, is just a few meters from the Indian Ocean and is known, besides its beauty, for the vegetarian dishes – it is a unique restaurant of the country with this.

The property was bought in the 50’s, but until then no one even dreamed of having a cave with these dimensions. Three decades ago, Tracy Barbour’s parents discovered the cave, incidentally, when they removed some land.

Their cunning led them to open a restaurant in those underground halls, and the truth is that Ali Barbour is now one of the most well-known places in Kenya.

Designed under Arab influence, the building is humble on the outside, but enlarges through a spiral staircase that takes guests to a bar and then to the central part of the restaurant.

A giant opening in the basement ceiling lets you see the starry sky and gives a mystical environment to the cave.

Apart from having not required almost any transformation of the land, the restaurant has other sustainable proposals: there is such a vegetarian menu, the suppliers are local and bought from the community. See some photos of Ali Barbour.



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