Oshin Kiszko had been forced to receive treatment to combat the tumor that has on the brain. Half a year later, the court gives the demands of parents and changes his mind.

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A fight very subjective contours that had an outcome he also questionable. Oshin Kiszko has a brain cancer since December last year and these days, performed continuous chemotherapy sessions, something that the parents did not want to continue to watch.

In March, the court had decided that chemotherapy would be the right way forward to try to combat a disease with announced outcome. Therefore, the parents of Oshin appealed the decision, arguing that these same treatments “traumatized the child” and that guaranteed him nothing more than “five years of suffering.”

After a long legal battle, the parents got the approval of the judge so that the treatments were stopped and the boy of six returned home, where it will be subject only to palliative care.

“If he can not live long, I would have him home with us, as a family,” says Angela Kiszko, quoted by ABC. “Without being scared, but to feel loved, cared for, with your family and friends around,” further added the mother.

Rick O’Brien, the judge ensures that this decision will not be a law for similar cases and that the specific case of Oshin had the decision aimed at “their best interests.”


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