Comedian and historical presenter of the Daily Show treated the relationship between the media and Donald Trump as a loving relationship.

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It was, for 16 years, one of the most successful faces of American television, when presenting the program Daily Show. In 2015, he decided to quit the show and from then on Jon Stewart has had sporadic appearances.

The most recent was this week, in the program of Stephen Colbert, one of the comedians who worked with him on the Daily Show and nowadays presents the program itself.

In this appearance, Jon Stewart left advice to the media for the troubled relationship they have maintained with the current president of the United States, who often criticizes social media, dubbing them “fake news.”

In this his riddle, Stewart had criticisms of Trump: “He lies on purpose,” even because he often uses the phrase “believe me,” he parodied. But the clearest message was to the American media, who asked to stop “with the whining.”

“I heard Donald Trump has ended his relationship with you.” Finally, he added, “they found someone as narcissistic as you.”

“70-year-olds are no less grumpy and racist as time goes on,” Stewart says, suggesting that Trump will not change his behavior. Then he left a piece of advice.

“Media, I’m not saying that ending this relationship will be easy.” But “instead of worrying about Trump thinking they are the enemy or going to be bad for you,” says Jon Stewart, they may try out a new hobby: “I recommend journalism,” he quipped.



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