US Secretary of State John Kerry today condemned a Taliban attack on the largest US military base in Afghanistan and said that this would not change Washington’s policy.

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© DR

Four Americans were killed on Saturday in an explosion claimed by the Taliban, which targeted the Bagram base near Kabul.

John Kerry called the attack “cowardly and heinous.”

“These individual acts will not stop us from carrying out our mission in Afghanistan, it’s as simple as that,” John Kerry told reporters during a visit to New Zealand.

NATO had confirmed that there had been an explosion at the Bagram airbase this morning, just after 05:30 local time, with victims, without specifying the number of wounded or dead or their nationalities.

Bagram’s base, which lies some 50 kilometers from Kabul, is regularly attacked by Taliban Islamists.

Since the withdrawal of most Western forces at the end of 2014, the operation “Resolute Support” has 12,000 members, including nearly 10,000 Americans.


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