The US vice president pointed out that Trump only dedicated to denigrate people and has a fixation for women’s bodies

The US vice president, Joe Biden | REUTERS / INTS Kalnins
The US vice president, Joe Biden | REUTERS / INTS Kalnins

The US vice president, Joe Biden, considered this Wednesday that the Republican candidate for the White House, the multimillionaire Donald Trump, “does not deserve” to occupy the presidency because of his character and his professional failures.

“This man does not deserve to be president, no way,” said Biden at a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida (southern United States), where polls show a dead heat between Trump and the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

A CNN poll released on Wednesday gave two points to Hillary Clinton, but in two other recent surveys Trump was four percentage points ahead in Florida.

Bidet, former Democratic senator, said Trump declared bankruptcy on at least six occasions, so expressed his doubts that the millionaire might have success in the White House.

Biden also attacked the Trump character flaws, stating that what most annoys the Republican candidate is that it is dedicated to “denigrate” the people, whether Hispanic, Muslim or african-American. He also criticized the “fixation” of New York millionaire “for women’s bodies.”

For Biden, who cited the famous 2005 video in which Trump boasted kissing and touching the private parts of women without their consent, such Millionaire behavior amounts to “sexual assault”.

“What kind of person gets up at 3:30 am and writes a ‘tweet’ about an ex-Miss Universe? … Is this type of person who wants to be the future president of America,” said Biden, referring to attacks Trump against Venezuelan former model Alicia Machado for this publicly support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

In contrast to Trump, said Biden, Hillary Clinton appears, noting that while US Secretary of American State (chief diplomat in the United States) was the most worked to increase security in the world.

US elections are held next Tuesday, November 8th.




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