Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said US President Donald Trump is a “man who knows how to listen” and is “open and frank,” he said in an interview after his visit to the United States.

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“Although it may surprise, President Trump is a person who knows how to listen. It is also very frank and open, although he is very committed to his campaign promises,” Abe said in an interview with NHK.

The Japanese chief of staff spoke during the interview about his weekend meetings with Trump, dealing with security issues such as Washington’s position on the Senkaku / Diaoyu islands, the focus of regional conflict between Tokyo and Beijing.

Abe said that during his visit to the United States, the issue of Japan’s economic contribution to the maintenance of US troops in the country, which was the subject of criticism during the election campaign of the now-President of the United States, was not addressed. enough.

“Defense Secretary (James) Mattis visited Japan and said our cost-sharing model is an example to be followed by other countries. I think the problem has been solved,” Abe said.

The Japanese chief executive also referred to the latest launch of a North Korean missile: “The President (Barack Obama) was very cautious about using military force against North Korea, describing his stance as” strategic patience. I believe the Trump Administration will try to review that position and seek a diplomatic solution by putting all the options on the table, “Abe said.

The Japanese prime minister also believes that the Trump Government “is in the process of defining its foreign policy towards China,” and that “President Trump plans to have a close dialogue with Russia.”


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