The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro just a few days ago, but the city of Tokyo is already preparing the edition of 2020.


In a land in love with technology, Japan announced that it wants to use older phones and other electronic waste in the manufacture of gold, silver and bronze medals.

The amount of electronic waste in the country could easily provide the raw material required to manufacture the medals.

In 2014, the amount of precious metal recovered in Japan through small electronic devices accounted 134kg gold, 1566 kg of silver and 1112 tons of copper, brass main component.

As a comparison, at the London Olympic Games took 9,6kg of gold, 1210kg of silver and 700 kg of copper for the production of the medals.

However, the Japanese plan will have some challenges ahead. The country also failed to implement an effective system of electronic equipment collection that encompasses the vast majority of consumers, and the 2013 law requiring the recycling of small electrical appliances had not expected success.

Also by the electronic market there is a huge demand for these materials, particularly silver, since many of these materials are reused in the manufacture of new devices.

In early June, the Japanese delegation for the Olympic Games met with representatives of technology companies and recycling to create a public awareness plan for increased recycling of electronic waste, and to improve the system for collecting old devices Tokyo 2020 edition of time.



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