Railway company invested in tunnels to save turtles


The West Japan Railway Co (JR West) and Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe have decided to install tunnels along the railway to save the turtles that often cross the train lines. In this area many lost their lives as they walked on the rails.

At various points along the railway line, the visit of the turtles is daily and the accidents, until the tunnels are installed, are unavoidable. There were many animals that died and also the damage they inflicted on the railway infrastructure.

The trains stopped many times due to traffic-related malfunctions of these trampled travelers. Some of them got stuck in the rails and would eventually die crushed.

Identifying the areas where there were more accidents, the plan to install the tunnels was advanced through a partnership between Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe and the West Japan Railway Co. Last year these infrastructures were able to avoid close to 100% Of tortoise.

According to the railway company, the highest rates of accidents occurred in the period between May and September, when the turtles are more active.


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