An Italian bishop threatened to take legal action against the game Pokemon Go, saying this is “diabolic”.

It alleges that transformed the players into an army wielding smartphones, comparing the situation with the television series about zombies “Walking Dead”.

The prelate, who was quoted by several newspapers today said he was ready to go to court to ban this popular application for mobile phones.

Antonio Stagliano is a bishop in the city of Noto, Sicily, southern Italy.

The augmented reality game that lets players get virtual monsters when using GPS mapping by their mobile phones, has become a worldwide extravaganza since its launch on 06 July but also provoked a wave of criticism and controversy.

Stagliano had attacked the game in recent days, declaring it “a totalitarian system next to the Nazis,” adding that is to be sold “thousands and thousands of young people”, making them addicted to hunting monsters.

The bishop is known in the Italian press, particularly for his interpretations of rock music hits of popular singers like Noemi and Marco Mengoni.


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