When disassembling the mobile device we can get to know the true value that Apple has to give to manufacture each unit.

iphone 7
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Without many surprises, the value of the iPhone 7 in the store does not match the value that the device cost to Apple. What may be surprising is the profit margin of the Cupertino technology for each iPhone sold 7.

The teardown.com proposed to discover the real value of the components that make up the iPhone 7, and for that carried out the smartphone to disassembling the evaluation. The latest iPhone is available with a price that varies according to storage, with values ranging from 779 euros (32GB) up to 999 (256GB).

Evaluating all components of the iPhone 7, this site concluded that each iPhone 7 cost to manufacture 261 euros, that the cheaper model. Of course, note the Mirror that Apple has other charges in addition to the components, specifically with its designers, engineers and marketing department.


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