The Senate commission investigating Russian interference in the US election has summoned Donald Trump’s former adviser after Michael Flynn refused to file requested documents.

George Frey / Getty Images

The US Senate commission investigating Russian interference in last year’s presidential election has issued a subpoena to Donald Trump’s former security adviser demanding the release of documents. This request, which the BBC says is rare, comes after Michael Flynn has refused to cooperate voluntarily with the investigations, according to the Senate Commission for Information Services.

The senators decided to proceed with the subpoena after last April 28th Flynn rejected the request to present documents considered relevant to the investigation. Trump’s former adviser, a retired lieutenant colonel, has given the White House misinformation about his discussions with Russian envoy Sergei Kislyak about American sanctions against Russia. These talks will have taken place even before the president took office.

The controversial security adviser was forced to resign in February after failing to publicize the contents of his talks with Russian diplomats.

The relationship between the Trump administration and the US secret services has been embroiled in controversy, most recently the FBI director’s dismissal for the way he handled the investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s mails during the campaign. US officials have already come to the conclusion that there has been interference from Russian hackers in the election campaign, particularly as regards the disclosure of communications that would have contributed to Hillary’s defeat.




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