An inflatable house in 2 seconds

Martin Azua is not exactly a conventional designer, and his Basic House, may be too simple to use in real situations, but the truth is that we can not accuse him of not trying to find A solution to one of the world’s most serious problems: the lack of decent housing.

The idea of the Spanish designer passes by an inflatable house that fits in our pocket – see our gallery if you have doubts that it fits even in the pocket. According to Inhabitat, it may give us a temporary shelter, low impact on the environment and may be perfect to use in post-natural disasters, for example.

Made of metallic polyester, it is a kind of prefabricated inflatable house. As it interacts with our body temperature or sun’s heat, it transforms itself from a sheet of flat material into an inflatable house that allows comfort to extreme natural elements – rain, heat or wind.

The designer argues that his invention creates an immediate and less complicated interaction with nature than our consumption habits. Still, it’s hard to believe by seeing the photos that this can be a true solution to extreme situations of homelessness.



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