The model piggy

Grape, strawberries and broccoli are among the favorite foods of the Ludwig Indian pig, who, despite not being able to handle the new technologies, has an extensive Instagram account, run by Agata Nowacka, who studies political science in Warsaw, Poland, and Adopted it.

According to The Dodo, Ludwik loves food and naps. It is also an excellent model, as you can see in our gallery. “She loves every photo shoot and can sometimes fall asleep. So I think he feels very comfortable, “Nowacka explained.

“In fact, he falls asleep everywhere. Even when it is being seen by your veterinarian. You can spend almost all day in my lap, sleeping, “he continued.

The piglet, a year old, was found in a pet store. He had pneumonia and conjunctivitis. “When I first saw him, at the pet store, he was sick and thin. It did not look like the Ludwik from the Instagram photos, “he confessed. The pig took six months to get better due to a bacterial infection in the eye, but since then it’s in great shape.


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