Impact Farm


Having a vegetable garden where we grow our own vegetables and fruits is a privilege accessible only to a minority. In large cities the little available space is taken advantage of to the millimeter by concrete blocks, leaving little or no room for growing areas. But the idea of two young Danes this may very soon come to change.


When they created the Impact Farm, the objective was very clear to these two young people: they wanted to create a sustainable and affordable system that helps improve the quality of the food consumed in large cities, while contributing actively to reduce the environmental footprint caused by production food on a large scale.


With only 163 square meters, the structure of the Farm Impact was built with recycled materials and is self-sufficient in terms of water, energy and heat by the energy from the sun and wind and the use of rainwater, managing to produce from three six tons of food per year.


With a fairly simple process of building this urban garden can be mounted in just 10 days, to thereby enable its use quickly adapts to the needs of a place or community.


Besides being an urban garden designed for sustainable food production, Impact Farm also aims to be an important meeting point for the community, where food, green spaces and mutual help bind a winning formula.

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