Shannon’s Courage

South African Shannon Benson has already walked hand in hand with the trunk of an elephant, was licked by a leopard, attacked by a cheetah and bitten by dogs, snakes and lizards.

This wildlife photographer has spent the last few years trying to get the best pictures of animals, and has often been face-to-face with some of them. “I’m so passionate about animals that I want to have as many pictures as possible of them. I have many scars and stories to tell of the long years I’ve worked with wildlife. Some animals have gone too far, “he explained. Still, Shannon says, she remains passionate about her profession and these risks do not discourage her.

“Look at this in a very simple way: we should not be a chef if we never want to burn with boiling food; With wildlife photography the same thing happens, “continued Shannon, who nevertheless claims to have kept herself calm in the most complicated situations. Even when he was near a lion.

Photos: Shannon Benson


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