The man has already apologized for the confusion.

© Reddit
© Reddit

Who ever dreamed of a romantic surprise prepared by the man of your life? Well, very few people.

The story we bring you today was published by the Independent. About the protagonist we only know that he lives in the American state of Ohio.

This man wanted to surprise the woman and decided to leave him a romantic ticket stuck to the car’s windscreen wipe. What was written there is not known. What became public knowledge was that the ticket was left in the wrong car.

To mend what happened and avoid some kind of discomfort among the neighboring couples, this man chose to put a clarification in the street.

“I put a romantic ticket in the car that I thought was my wife’s. However, today we discovered that I was so tired that I put the ticket in the wrong car. If this car was yours, I apologize for the confusion, but I’m not in love with you … sorry, “reads the poster whose image was shared on Reddit.

It is seen that this man does not lack romanticism, nor sense of humor.



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