500 kilograms of elephant tusks were learned Tuesday in Vietnam. The arrest was announced by the Ho Chi Minh authorities, who found a half ton of prey hidden elephant in two containers, coming from Africa.

Hidden between wood and sawdust, the elephant tusks were found in the port of Cat Lai, after a local company has treated its coming importĀ from Africa.

This is not an isolated situation with the Vietnamese authorities to register three similar cases only in the last month. Last month the elephant tusks smuggled seizures amounting to 3.5 tonnes.

Used in traditional medicine or as a luxury object, elephant tusks remain the prime target for poachers in Africa. The data indicate that the poaching of elephants has been declining since 2011, but still, about 30,000 pachyderms continue to be killed every year.

The latest figures indicate that Africa currently has about 450,000 elephants living in their own land.


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