A group of 800 scientists today sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump calling for action to combat climate change.

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“Many of the cities and major states of the United States have already committed themselves (to combat climate change). We demand that you decide whether your presidency is defined as denial and disaster or acceptance and action,” they say.

Scientists urge Donald Trump to increase investment in clean energy in the United States, reduce carbon contamination, invest in a mechanism for responding to extreme natural disasters, and keep the country in the Paris agreement.

“It has the support of most companies, military leaders, scientists, engineers and citizens to respond to the threats posed by climate change by reducing carbon contamination and increasing clean energy,” the scientists report in the letter, published in the journal Scientific American .

In the letter, the scientists advise Donald Trump to listen to experts on climate change issues and take actions that demonstrate the opposite of what he said during the election campaign.

Donald Trump denied the reality of climate change for months and even wrote on social networks that he was a “mistake of the Chinese.”

In the election campaign, the President-elect has called for an end to environmental agreements, including the Paris agreement, signed in 2015 by more than 170 countries, and assured that it will “withdraw” all United States funds to the UN related to Climate change.


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