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This house was designed by an office of Norwegian architects in partnership with environmental organizations. This collaboration resulted in a sustainable project and an aesthetic boldness that is undeniable.

The quest for environmental efficiency did not detract from the aesthetics and convenience of this project, which is a candidate for the European Union-sponsored architectural award, Mies van der Rohe.


Signed by the Snohetta architects’ office and developed in collaboration with the Norwegian zero emission building research center (ZEB) and SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization, this villa was built in Larvik, a southern area of the country.


They called Multikomfort this family home that produces three times more energy than it consumes. Its roof, unlike what is customary, is covered by photovoltaic panels (the most common is the plates are simply superimposed) and has a slope that allows capturing the sun’s rays for a longer time. Hot water is obtained through solar collectors.


The equipment of the house also allows the use of geothermal energy, obtained through the waters that run underground. All these combined valences allow the production of more than the energy needed for a family.


The concept of sustainability is also applied in water management. The house can collect rainwater that is then used in the toilets, in the watering of plants or for washing, for example, the car. These are just a few details that make Multikomfort a reference to the level of the houses of the new generation.


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