Nexus Haus is a level of innovation


Sustainable homes there are already some, but this shows remarkable efficiency levels. Designed for college students, the NexusHaus is a level of innovation.

The NexusHaus was designed with the aim of highlighting the traditional housing costs in major cities, then it has concentrated all possible features related to sustainability. Energy efficiency would be the jurisdiction to consider first, soon followed by recycling. The ability to produce food was the icing on the cake.


The project NexusHaus was developed by students from the University of Munich, in partnership with students from the University of Texas. The prototype, developed for an international competition, was made with sustainable materials and efficient systems for the production of energy and water use.


Covered with solar panels, this house gets all the energy it needs for lighting, food appliances, electronic appliances, air conditioning and even the supply of an electric car.

Equipped with a tank for the collection of rain water and a filtering system, the house makes the water collecting well fit for consumption. What you can reuse goes to the washing machine, sink, shower, or irrigation farming area.


Water use for irrigation system is so efficient that can save up to 90% of water normally used in traditional planting. It is fully enclosed it avoids the disposal of effluent into the environment.


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