For Trump, this is the “biggest political scandal since Watergate.” Analysts say can influence elections.


Hillary Clinton just heard the news about the new investigation in the case of e-mails at the end of the flight. “The difference that makes a plane trip.

When we left Westchester in New York, the mood was high among members of his team. (…) But when we landed and wi-fi connections have been restored arrived the news of the reopening of the investigation by the FBI to leave the plane, one of the aides said – in: “we are know it while you,” says Chris Gibson, BBC journalist.

John Podesta, the campaign manager, said, ironically, the timing “extraordinary” FBI. Clinton, meanwhile, continues to chronicle the British reporter, “to get off the plane, he smiled and ignored the shouted questions of the journalists who were waiting.”

The Democratic candidate’s reaction only came later. “Americans deserve to quickly know all the facts. It is imperative that the FBI explain this issue, whatever it may be, without further delay.

I am confident that will come to the same conclusions reached in July”, said Hillary Clinton at a conference press late on Friday.

So far, whenever there was talk in the case of e-mails, the Democratic candidate defended himself with the filing of cases. The opening of this new survey weakens this argument.

The question is what can be the consequences for the outcome of the struggle for the White House. “A presidential race that seemed to be in his pocket to suddenly Clinton is more uncertain,” writes Steven Shepard in Politico.

The editor and analyst informative website explains that it will take some time before the polls may reflect – or not – the damage to the candidate, but notes that there are some indicators which show that the news can cause damage to the Democrat.

On the one hand, there were moments at an early stage of the campaign, in which the voting intentions fell when the subject was the media agenda.

On the other, in various opinion polls, the number of respondents who do not believe in the sincerity of Clinton exceeds 50%. In a survey of Fox News – further underlines the Politico – released earlier this week, 67% said they did not see the Democratic candidate as an honest and trustworthy person.

Aware that may have received an asset, Trump wasted no time trying to capitalize on the news. The Republican candidate referred to the “biggest political scandal since Watergate,” the case that, in 1974, was to bring down President Richard Nixon. “The FBI would never reopened this process at this point if it were not a very serious crime,” he said Trump.

About new emails, James Comey, FBI Director said that they arose during a parallel investigation: “I still can not guarantee whether it is relevant material and I can not predict how long it will take to complete the additional work we have to do.”

In previous investigations, it was proven that Hillary, during the years he held the post of Secretary of State (2009-2013) US, stored and processed confidential information via a private server email. The lawsuits were filed after the researchers have come to the conclusion that although the Hillary actions were “extremely careless,” there was no criminal matter in question.

The new e-mails were found on analysis to the computer Democrat and former member of the House of Representatives Anthony Weiner, accused of sending sexually oriented messages to minors. The laptop in question was shared with his wife, Huma Abedin, one of the advisers of Clinton, who had been questioned in previous investigations of the FBI.


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